Have you ever felt a disconnect with God, or other Christians? If you have a Huddle is just what you need!

A Huddle is a small group that meets at the church to study God’s word and form stronger relationships with other believers. Each week Huddles will focus on a
specific passage of Scripture that will challenge
its members to live out their faith in God in a radical way. Not only do we want you to connect with God in a Huddle, but we really want you 
to connect to His body in your Huddle. You can’t do life on your own, and when the going gets difficult or uncomfortable you can have a support system that will help you navigate whatever storm you may be going through. We believe that if you can connect to God, and connect to other believers your faith will definitely grow!

Huddles meet during both services.

Every Huddle has a unique blend of ages and personalities.

I’m ready to get plugged into a Huddle!