Serving at Lincoln Hills

One of the ways we can connect with God is to participate with him as he grows and advances his kingdom (Romans 12:4–6). God made each of us with a unique set of talents, passions, and spiritual gifts. He wants us to use those gifts to benefit others because when we do so, we reflect his love to the people around us.

Not sure how you’re gifted? Check out this video!

This Spiritual Gift Assessment is designed to help you identify particular spiritual gifts you may have. Here’s how it works: In the video, you’ll see a series of 44 statements on the screen, one at a time. On a scale of 1 to 5, you’ll determine how accurately each statement describes you. A “5” means the statement is very true of you. Write your number in the appropriate column below (the video will instruct you where to write each number). Once you’ve seen all of the statements, you’ll add up the totals to give you an indicator of your Spiritual Gifts. Click here to download the Spiritual Assessment Sheet you’ll need to complete the test.

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