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Practice is a worship service designed specifically for students. We spend our time at Practice singing worship songs and teaching from the Bible. We teach the same lesson that the adults and children are being taught on Sunday mornings, but from a student perspective that can be applied to their everyday lives. This makes it easy for families to talk about what they learned at church and grow together in following Christ. Practice runs all year long, every Sunday morning, and meets upstairs in the Youth Activity Center (or the YAC for short).

When: Sunday Mornings 9:15-10:15
Where: Youth Activity Center (the YAC)
What To Expect: Worship, A Message
Who It’s For: Students from 6th to 12th Grade


Emerge is a small group for Middle School students. Emerge is a time where the Middle School students have some time set aside for themselves to grow deeper together and find their place in the student ministry. Emerge is a great way to ease in new 6th grades that have grown up in Safe-T-Ville or any middle schooler who is new to the youth group. We spend our time at Emerge talking about the lesson from Practice and going further with the story to look at how it applies in their lives. Students speak openly about the questions and respond to questions like in our adult Huddles. Emerge takes place upstairs in the YAC and meets most Sundays (with the exception of Family Sunday’s)

When: Sunday Mornings, 10:45-12:00
Where: Youth Activity Center (the YAC)
What To Expect: Small Group Discussions, Bible Reading
Who It’s For: Middle School Students from 6th to 8th Grade